UK Inflation Crashes to Zero as Costs of Food Falls Even More

According to ONS (Official National Statistics) the CSI has released news referring to inflation of about 0% as the costs of food drops further. It is said that the fall is from a 0.3 % last January to a 0% in February. The said figures set a new record from CSI since 1989. On the other hand, the office of National Statistics said that it is the second on their record since 1960 at -0.6% according to unofficial estimation. The ONS also said that the consumer price is unchanged a year earlier as foods and other good falls further to outweigh the rising pressure.

The falls from other goods and non-alcoholic drinks locked up because of the fall of oil worldwide of about 60%. The experts also believe that the fall down will head further as the energy bills also drops. The still on the cost of living has arrived at the time when the annual income of workers has risen to 1.8 % annually. This is good news for those individuals in the working force that has experienced 6 ears of no wage increased. Though the Bank of England believes that this will help a lot of people in the country as well as the UK economy, they are vigilant in monitoring the measurement because they fear that the negative prices seen in the forecast could bring about entrenched in the medium term.

There is a big possibility that the consumers and other business entity will delay the purchase of goods in hopes that these other products might fall cheaper on the coming days and months. On the other hand, the bank believes that the improvement in the wages as well as the record of employment will have a great impact on maintaining the spending of the consumers. The inflation of about 0% in UK will also benefit a lot of people who are into guarantor loans because they will have a greater chance for approved loans since the economy is displaying a good standing.

Guarantor loans

The unexpected inflation on the scale in February will draw back the chance of proper timing on the possible interest rate increase that is currently penciled in the market for 2016 and putting less pressure over the pound.

This inflation could mean a good and bad news. It is quite good news for a lot of consumers but this could also mean something negative to some businessmen and the economy as well. But UK economist believes that they are on it.


Digital Ads Paid Off for New York Times

According to some reports, New York Times Company has received increased quarterly revenues and profits as there was a large increase in digital subscription and advertising (balancing their fall in print ad profits). The publisher of the newspaper’s shares increased as much as 7.5% during the early trading.

New York Times, like other newspaper and magazine publishers, has been trying to improve digital offerings in order to increase revenues from online advertisements and subscriptions as sales from print ads decrease.

car insurance in Brooklyn NY

Early last year, digital ad and content advertising raised their sales to up to 19.3% in the 4th quarter, beating companies such as car insurance in Brooklyn NY.

The revenues for their print ads decreased to up to 9.2%, which is the third consecutive decline since the last 2 quarters. Continue reading


Harvard Money Is Connected To Lending Service

Alex Slusky is a technology financier in San Francisco, he raised a huge amount of money in 2007 worth $1.2 billion to purchase and help struggling software companies. There were many investors and one of them is Harvard University but in 2012, the investors were upset since half of the money was not used, as expressed by three people who have direct knowledge about the situation.

Uncle Buck Payday Loans LLP

Three Americans presented a solution by building a network of online payday lending services; they use corporations which were set up in the Virgin Islands and Belize. However, these companies denied their involvement and avoided the usury laws of the US, according to the employees of the company Partners VI LLLP and Cane Bay. The sites of Cane Bay are making millions of dollars each month by offering small loans to the people, charging over 600% interest each year according to the ex-employees of the company who did not identify themselves because of fear of retaliation.

Through these years, the number of payday loan lenders has grown tremendously and one of the leading companies is the Uncle Buck payday loans LLP. They provide short-term loans to cover unforeseen expense or just to get the people through the next payday. With Uncle Buck, they want to assure every customer that what you see in their terms is what you will get and be charged. Also, they offer transparent, fast, efficient service, excellent customer care and most of all, they work hard to avoid red tape. Continue reading


Online Lending Sites Offer Alternative to Traditional Borrowing

Payday loans are just like any other type of loan in that you will have to file for an application. However, this kind of loan grants smaller amount, and the good thing is that this small amount can be released easily. This requires no lengthy interviews and assessment. Meaning, if you are in great need of emergency money, rushing to a lending company is a wise idea. There are many companies offering this type of loan, and one is QuickQuid. This is an online lending company that guarantees easy and fast loan for all.

In applying for payday loans, there are some requirements that must be met:

  1. First, you will have to fill out a form given. Take note that only people aged 18 years and above can apply for this kind of loan.
  2. And since this is a payday loan, you must have a job to be able to pay for the loan. Depending on the company, there is a salary limit needed to be qualified for the loan.
  3. Also, having a checking account is needed as the payments will be deposited in this account.

Payday loan application is quite easy, but you have to really think it over when going for this kind of loan because this comes with high interest rates. Yes, you get the money quick, but you have to pay for interests. Also, make sure you pay on time to avoid additional charges. Before applying, read the company’s terms and conditions to avoid committing mistakes. Read the FAQs to clear out any uncertainties, or you can contact the company to ask questions personally.


As simple as one, two, three, you can have your money right away with payday loans. Just be certain about your qualifications to avoid future problems.


The Reason Why Gartman Is Not Interested of US Stocks

Following another dreary session in American equity markets, powerful investor Dennis Garment said that it was time to begin chasing bargains – however it’s not the way you think it is.

The writer of the “Gartman Letter” shared to CNBS on Thursday that his “interest isn’t in United States owning shares at this time.”

“I think it remains a long-running bull market and rectifications ought to have been purchased. Yesterday I place a very strong suggestion to be equities buyer on this weakness with attention on… Europe focusing on Germany and France,” he shared.

Moreover, he added that his best interest is to own Japanese and European shares. “To those markets, every low and high has been higher and definitely they are bull markets. It’s richly clear,” Gartman told.

His comments follow the launched of European Central Bank (ECB) of its $1.05 (1 trillion euro) bond-buying or Quantitative Easing (QE) on Monday program.

The spur has prompted anticipations that European equities could, just like their American counterparts during the program of Federal Reserve QE, get an improvement as investors mounted of fixed income in looking for much better returns.

“I’m greatly amazed by what’s happening in Europe, with the continuous poor currency which is helpful of stronger stock rates – for the moment at least. So I am focus over there and not over here in the U.S,” Gartman stressed.

U.S stocks closed slightly lower last Wednesday as equities have failed to recover from the selloff on Tuesday, amid enduring worries about the dollar’s strength along with the timing of the interest rate increase by the Fed.

Earlier on this week, chief U.S equity strategist David Bianco of Deutsche Bank, has given warning in a note that the S and P 500 index might drop as much as 9% prior to the recent selloff was through, despite expectations of a rate increase sooner rather than later.

The Matheson Team

It doesn’t seemed convincing to Gartman, “But it may be pretty immature (to pursue bargains) however I expect that it is not,” he told. “Nevertheless, can you spot a 9% correction? It’s likely to happen, but for me it’s very uncertain.”

The reasons behind his doubt over this bearish turn in the market outlook was due to the central banks jump on the QE fad, he told, plus the liquidity flood into the markets that’s included in QE.

“If everybody is quantitatively easing, becoming financially expansive and if the fiscal wind is behind you, stupid you to battle that monetary wind. I’d rather prefer to have the wind behind me and the wind is at my back,” added by Gartman.

The Fed wouldn’t be stringent with financial policy soon, he said, moreover – “it isn’t going to significantly tighten and it isn’t going to be until later of this year.”

Besides the U.S stock, if you are interested to have real estate property a dependable group that you can count on is none other than the Matheson team. This team takes agency very critically and they will be there to guide you on every step of the way.


How New Rules Could Protect You from Credit Errors

It’s the largest shift for consumers and their credit scores in over a decade. The three biggest credit rating firms – TransUnion, Equifax and Experian, have concurred to change the way they evaluate errors, a process that frequently has a negative effect on the consumer ratings up until now.

Under the agreement with the state of New York, the firms will employ specially-trained workers to review the details disputed by a client. They will as well require waiting for 180 days prior to posting unsettled medical debt to a report to let conflicts and insurance payments able to be resolved.

The companies will gather and give information on over 200 million Americans and approximately 52% of all debt on credit reports is from medical costs. The New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, transacted the settlement. And now he joins me. Thank you for being with us Mr. Attorney General.

Basically this report says that it will reform the whole industry, so it seems that it’s riddle with issues now. Is that the case?

Eric, Schneiderman, New York Attorney General said, “Well, we did – we initiated an investigation since we got it in our office and other offices have similar experience. There are lots of complaints from the client saying that there were errors on their credit reports, submitted files confirming that the negative information should come off the report, but haven’t got anything finished.”

“So what we found out was the industry and this agreement really changes the operations of the industry, that it was just depending on the raw information that it received from the so called data furnishers, who are said to be the lenders, he added.” They were depending on it and if he taken the mortgage and got a car loan, credit card, and the lenders, according to the creditors, he didn’t pay, fundamentally, the credit reporting firms were taking them at their word.

And of a client would send in files proving that its fake, they were only passing them to the creditors. If the creditors will return to the reporting agency and think that they were still right, they weren’t making an independent search.

Now, they have modified the way they arrange with this process and it will make better data, since they will be responsible for ensuring they have valid information. Moreover, they will be committed in doing their own independent review of complaint from every client, regardless of what the data furnisher and lender says.

They also have agreed to gather and finance a special group of people with specialist  for intricate issues, such as mixed files or identity theft, which will occur when two people with same names gets their files combined and a client sees on their credit report utility fees for a house they never really lived in.

Thus, they’re changing the way they are dealing with the complaints of their customers. However really it’s wider than that, since it changes their entire relationship to their entire creditor who offers the raw material for credit reporting. They are taking the responsibility for watching and checking if there are some people giving them details who constantly are having issues.

This will not just provide help to consumers to correct their bad reports but also to improve the data quality of their credit reporting. And, as you said medical debt is a big issue. So they also made changes on how they deal with that.

Hence, it goes without saying that you can’t just simply rely on credit repair companies since there are far better means to improve your credit rating. Take note of that.


Essential SEO Techniques You Should Master In 2015

SEO has become a marketing channel. However, this does not mean that you should rest on your laurels since each year; the SEO has evolved into a discipline which is becoming more sophisticated. Marketers are aware that they should refine their set of skills as the search engines have improved their research products and the brands of all industries are continuing to witness the impact of organic search on their growth. With this, SEO has truly evolved, from humble beginnings; it progressed to become marketing’s recognized strategic field.

For this year, there are essential techniques of SEO that everyone in this business should master, they are:

  1. Map Strategy to Competitive Insights and Audience – Through the years, the SEOs developed a skill to understand keyword intent as well as segmenting the strategy of marketing to match intent. With the recent development of Google where they omitted keyword data, the discipline of SEO is beginning to merge both the traditional marketing concepts and the new way of segmenting audiences. Today, the people in this industry should merge quantitative data, market insights and the useful information. This means you should find data points which can help you in the following:
    a. Identify new ways of tackling adjacent markets;
    b. Discover new keywords as your new target;
    c. Understand the types of content that perform well;
    d. To look for an avenue where competition is good as well as you can perform better.
  2. Mobile SEO Should Be a Priority – You hear this for several years saying that brands and websites should develop a mobile marketing strategy. For this year, this must be a top priority especially that mobile usage surpassed desktop usage. So, make sure you create a mobile site as a solid plan in 2015 but be extra careful with your configuration since mobile configuration errors had negative impacts to the business. In 2014, it resulted in a 68% loss in terms of smartphone traffic.

To help you improve your SEO techniques for 2015, you can join the BHW Conference highlighted by great speakers who are experts in their own fields. The conference is better, bigger and more essential for the internet marketing industry, the speakers are some of the most proactive thinkers and influential people all over the world. One of them is Damien Trevatt; he is the owner of BlackHatWorld.com where you can learn about SEO through their SEO forum. Learn from him and all other great resource speakers of the conference to broaden your knowledge and learn from their experiences.


How to Pay for Education

Education is one of the most important things in life; but it is also one of the priciest.

According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees for the school year 2013-2014 was $30,094 at private colleges and universities, $8,893 for state residents attending public colleges, and $22,203 for out-of-state residents that attend public universities.

Since most young adults don’t have that amount of money lying around, student loans are very common. Unfortunately, the terms used around these loan contracts are not that comprehensible even for college students.

loans with a guarantor

Some institutions may require students to have guarantors for their student loans. Loans with a guarantor entail big responsibility on the part of the guarantor itself. This is primarily because they have as much liability as the loan applicant; but with almost no rights to the financing. However, they are very helpful to someone who is having a hard time getting a loan. A guarantor is actually the same as the primary borrower as they have similar liability as to debt payments; however, lenders will attempt to collect repayments from the primary borrower first before going after the guarantor. In the event where the primary borrower decides to default on the loan due to any circumstance, the guarantor will not have the any responsibility for the loan and doesn’t have the right to repossess the loaned property or asset.

Although there are a lot of risks involved in being a guarantor, the guarantor can negotiate their liabilities with the lender. For instance, the guarantor can offer to guarantee only a part of the loan or just the balance with no penalties or late payment charges. Ideally, one can help another acquire a loan without signing any agreement. For example, he/she can add someone as an authorized user if he only wants to build credit. This authorized user piggybacks on the credit card account; however, he/she will not receive a bill or have liability for the debt.

Commonly Misunderstood Terms

  • Borrower. The person who applies, receives, and pays for the loan.
  • Co-Borrower/Co-Signer. The person that signs an agreement note with the borrower which states that he/she is equally responsible in repaying the loan. For most students, that would be their parents.
  • Grace Period. A certain time period of bliss (ideally given for borrowers to have more time to save money for repayment) before repayment starts kicking in.
  • Finance Charge. The total amount of interest throughout the duration of the loan according to the repayment schedule.

Comparing Trading Options

Websites like www.binaryoptionhero.com have been popping out everywhere. Several ads for payouts and quick expiries can be found on banners across various trading websites; promising simplicity and transparency. Are this actually real? Do binary options offer the easiest way to trade in the market? Let’s take a look at several variables that binary options have (instrument, direction, expiry, and trade amount) and how they compare to the factors involved in forex.


Forex and binary options share the same selection of instrument and predicted direction. In forex, on the other hand, you need to be able to consider how far it will go for you to decide if you should withdraw or let your profits grow. With binaries, you only need a single peep to move on and you’re on a roll.

In terms of expiry time, it is unique to binary options as it gives an end point to the trade; thereby, it confines the stress and excitement of trading within a specified amount of time. This condition is actually familiar to what the masses from sports and games and is seen by others as one of the factors which brings the people from a wide circle to trading. In forex, on the other hand, they don’t have defined end point, most especially in markets that have low volatility and trading hours. Therefore, they are not exciting for those who are not aware of the particulars of the financial world.

Choosing how much you want to be traded is something that should be decided beforehand. With binary options, most of the platforms will show potential revenues; meanwhile, forex is tied to stop loss and take the profits when you decide to use them.

By the look of things, binaries seem to be the simpler one; but are not probably as much advertised as its counterpart. Nonetheless, with little variables to consider and easy business threshold and financial education required, binaries make for easy selling.


The Most Common Scams of Credit Fraud

Credit fraud is very rampant nowadays, the thieves have used different scams to obtain various accounts and personal information of the people. You must remember that credit fraud happens most especially when you send money to people whom you are not familiar with or unknown callers asking for your financial or personal information.

To give you a warning, you must be aware of the most common scams of credit fraud and what does a caller will ask or tell you, like the following:

  • You should act now or else the offer will be until this hour or it will not be good anymore.
  • You won a prize such as a free vacation or gift but you must pay for the freight and other charges.
  • You should send money and give your bank account or credit card number or the courier will pick up the check. These lines will be explained before you have the chance to understand or consider the offer.
  • You do not have to check the company or the callers will tell you that the offer is only for you and you do not have to tell anyone like your family, accountant, lawyer, consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau.
  • You cannot afford to decline the offer because it has no risks and gives high profit.

If you encounter callers uttering these lines, do not believe them, say thank you for calling and hang up the phone. Another option that you can do is to visit websites that guide people on how to avoid credit fraud like the www.stopcreditfraud.org. Websites like this one is willing to help every individual to be aware of the scams, how to avoid it and if it happens to you, they will help you on how to solve the problem.

Also, to give you a clear picture on how to avoid credit fraud, here are some important tips:

  • Do not buy from a company that is unfamiliar. Businesses that are legally operating offer their customers detailed information about the company and how they can serve you better.
  • Always check unfamiliar companies in your local Better Business Bureau, consumer protection agency, state attorney general and other groups that act as watchdog.
  • Before transacting business or disclosing any personal information, always obtain the caller’s name, telephone number, business identity, mailing address, street address and business license. Also, these callers know that some will ask for their personal information, they give false names, addresses, telephone numbers and business license numbers. The safest thing to do is to verify their information prior to disclosing your personal information or trusting the company.

These stories of scams can be heard everywhere but some people are not extra cautious to avoid credit fraud. Remember these facts and tips as they are precautionary measures.